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Like in Vedic India, the people in ancient Germany also gauged the status and rank of a person by the number of cattle he possessed. Fehu represented cattle and symbolized power as well as fortune. 

Its positive attributes in Runes reading include: 

  1. It reflects person's requirements and is directly proportional to wealth, fortune and contentment in life. 
  2. It portrays the coming to a close of a period where one can enjoy life and bask in glory.
  3. This is also a period where one can and should plan for the next phase as Fehu is the rune of strength that is an excellent master that shows one the methods to retain money. 
  4. It is also a rune that welcomes love into one's life and the feelings are also admired by the others. 
  5. This rune enhances one's fortune, intuition and mental abilities. Its negative rune interpretations include: 
  6. During this phase if someone meddles in your personal affairs it may lead to a situation where one may feel down. 
  7. One may get gluttonous at this time and monetary loss may be irrecoverable. 
  8. All in all finances suffer and it is not a time for a new venture in love. 


  1. Sound- f
  2. Runic Position- 1st rune 
  3. Tree- elder 
  4. Colour- red 
  5. Tarot- the magician 
  6. Astrology- Aries 
  7. Element- fire 
  8. Animal- falcon, cat and cow 
  9. Plant- stinging nettle 
  10. Bird- swallow 
  11. Deity- Frey

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