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TestimonialsCasting the Runes, date back to ancient times in the West. In India the Runes have not yet gained popularity and only a few occult practitioners have cultivated this mystical art. Tanya is one of the few to have a practiced mastery over reading the Runes, an accurate and magical art of forecasting and healing. Now Tanya wishes to share her knowledge and experiences with those interested in the mystical occult arts and teach them the mysteries of the Runes. Here is her open invitation to all those interested:

Hello Dear Readers

Gifted since birth with a mystic power that comes from above, I have been practicing and refining my spiritual talents. My interest in the occult led me to develop a keen interest in Runes when I was only 14 along with Tarot card reading, astrology and numerology. The Runes are well known in the West as an ancient and mystical form of forecasting and magical healing. Though known in the West, Runes were hardly known to anybody in India when I developed a keen interest in it. I pursued my interest with passion due to the intriguing possibilities of the Runes that I consider to be the third most accurate way of fortune telling after astrology and numerology.

Today, I have so much faith in the Runes that I include them in each reading, combining them with Tarot, astrology and numerology with amazingly accurate results for each client. Clients are happily surprised and pleased but perplexed that I give credit to runes-a little known branch of the occult. Nine out of ten people do not have the faintest idea of what Runes are.

I have been thinking about how little known Runes are in India. It is time to spread some knowledge and share in the joy of enlightening people about a little known esoteric occult form. I have decided to hold sessions, giving people practical training in Runes. This will be in the form of workshops spread over a couple of days. I have already prepared the material and I think it will be very engaging and immersive experience for people with interest to learn all about Runes.

The workshop will be free and arranged at convenient timings in convenient locations to help maximum number of interested people take part and gain a better understanding of all the aspects of Runes and their magical, mystical powers that a trained reader can interpret. Everyone is welcome; there is no age or any other barrier.

I would love to have you join me. Register at the earliest for my workshop and gain broader perspectives on the occult and mystic that Runes offer.

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