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TestimonialsTarot cards were used much before the 15th century but that is when they were used to play card games. Later on, in the 18th century, Tarot cards were used in tarot reading for divination and today Tarot is popularly known for this aspect.

The tarot deck usually has 78 cards. The deck is divided into two parts: major arcana and lower arcana cards. 22 cards make up the major arcana numbered from 0 to 21. The Fool card in tarot reading is assigned the number 0 and the World Card is given the number 21. Each card has an associated divination based on whether it is picked upright or in the reversed position. The twenty two cards making up the major arcana indicate a journey through life, starting with birth and going on to enlightenment. Each card in tarot reading is indicative of significant issues and possible outcomes in relation to the questions asked by the subject.

The tarot reader spreads the entire deck of cards for a tarot reading and the querant picks from these cards. If he picks more major arcana cards during the tarot reading session, it signifies that for him, this is a crucial period in life.

While the meanings associated with cards of the major arcana are indicative, it falls to the divinely gifted, psychic tarot reader to read the actual meaning of cards from the major arcana through his spiritual gift and become the medium to communicate about the present, past and future. Learn more about the cards in the major arcana in the following pages.

Major Arcana cards
Tarot Cards (I to XI)
The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Heirophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
Tarot Cards (XII to XXII)
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

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