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Testimonials» Tanya is the child prodigy that fulfilled her destiny and became a true legend in tarot, runes, astrology, numerology, I-Ching reading etc. More than a decade ago when she started out at the age of 16 she was naturally inclined towards divination forms and her urge to know more led her on a path which few dare to traverse.

» When tarot was still in its nascent stages in the minds of the people, she with her dedication towards psychic methods was already an accomplished name. She wrote columns in books and magazines which people began to follow with keen interest. Soon she was teaching others and spreading knowledge about the art. Today several of her students are master psychics themselves and are well renowned.

* In 2011-12 Tanya carried out a special campaign for alternate medication to help cancer and aids patients which saw a 25% improvement in their health. She is an expert healer and uses a variety of salts and aromas that are cloaked from human ken but are instrumental in healing people mentally, physically and emotionally.

* Her predictions are startlingly potent, revealing and accurate. It is no surprise then that a large number of people who have a problem in love or topics that are personal in nature, approach her with relative comfort as she is friendly and result oriented.

* She is the original Tanya who introduced phone as well as online tarot reading in India and now this has become a popular trend amongst other practitioners of this art.

* She introduced India to the world of the magical yet celestial Runes. She even offers a free online workshop for people to understand about this ancient legendary divination method which was once used by the Gods including God Odin. A large number of people log onto her website to understand and take advantage of Runes reading.

* She has successfully completed over 4000 readings which includes coffee/tea cup reading and updates her website daily with new information so that the vast multitude can benefit.

* Maximum numbers of her clientele have come through the word of mouth and include film actors, politicians, famous sportsmen, businessmen, artists, students etc. Confidentiality clause does not permit us to reveal names unless people are themselves willing of their own accord. (You may visit the testimonials section to see the response of satisfied people)

* She is the only person in the world that offers the Elite Master Reading. None have even thought about this combination psychic reading.

* She travels extensively to try and take her already perfected skills to the next level. Hence it is no surprise that her name is so revered and she is now also better known as the Empress of Tarot.

* She is one of those rare psychics that manufacture soaps, incense and aromas etc as per the need of every individual client. For this she has her own magic store the products of which are largely developed after colossal research by Tanya to ensure that every client receives only the best services in the world.

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