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TestimonialsYou are divinely guided here. Trust your heart and instincts. Nothing in life is coincidence and everything happens for a reason.

Destiny attracted me to the realm of the celestial spirits where I was enveloped by divination techniques and healing methods. Being a psychic came naturally to me and I did not have to learn the art from someone else. I have always relied on intuition which I believe is the best way as the subconscious has the power to see through space and time while no teaching or knowledge can transcend that barrier. 
A friend of mine realized my latent potential and gifted me a deck of cards after witnessing my accurate predictions and my tarot journey began that very moment all those ages ago when I was just 16. After mastering the tarot I dedicated my attention to Runes, coffee/tea cup reading and astrology etc.

I have learnt all occult sciences with sheer hard work, dedication and practice. To enhance my god gifted psychic energies I read and watched all books, interviews and documentaries.

Before turning 17 I took up healing as I realized that I will succeed here as well. I have completed the readings of over 4000 people and I like to experiment if that is required to provide my clients with comprehensive solutions to their issues that may be physical, mental or emotional in content.

The barometer to gauge if the readings have been a success is by receiving a call from the people I have fortuned for as a gesture of thanks and then their reference being given by new clients. 
My journey began early when tarot was still read about once in a while in papers and I was for a long time the youngest tarot reader in India.

I am proud to have conducted workshops, online as well as face to face tutorials to spread awareness about esoteric methods which have a science and history behind them and have been in existence long before the birth of modern science and the industrial world. I run a total of three websites including and so that people not only in India and Asia, but the world can benefit from my research and expertise. I am grateful to the almighty for bestowing upon me with supernatural powers including clairvoyant vision. I welcome one and all to have their future read and permit me to guide you on a journey where you can fulfil your dreams.

After years and years of fortuning I have reached the conclusion that no one in the world can make you a psychic master but your own self and that too after laborious training. 
Again this is an unending quest of knowledge and this exactly is what I tell my students. I can teach one the basics but the rest is on the personís dedication, practice and of course destiny.

I realized early in life that I am capable of healing not only myself but others too. When I began the healing enterprise I was pleasantly surprised by the fabulous results. I applied it first on myself and my health benefitted immensely. I then applied the healing on the rest of the family members and relatives and they too were perplexed by its aura. In the end all healings are done with the assistance of the divine as the creator is the belief with which this is successfully accomplished.

Healing is the purest form as it directly involves energies, subconscious and all powers of the psychic. I have completed hundreds of healings involving a range of issues and I will like to inform you that they have all been a tremendous success. 

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