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TestimonialsTrenches of the wall should be dug from north to south and east to west while the south direction of the building should be higher than the north and west higher than the east.

The first digging should be done by the owner of the house and the area must be kept clean of all inauspicious objects. When laying the foundation, follow this order; Start digging from North-east to north-west then south-east to south-west. Religious places can have uniform height. Balconies should be in the north and east. 30% of the walls should have doors or windows. Flooring should be such that water flows from south-west to north-east.

Material used before should not be used for a new construction. North-east corner wall shouldn’t be rounded. Septic tank cannot be in the south-east or south-west corner of the plot. The north side of the building should never be higher than the south. A lower west portion leads to problems in the family and a higher north-east leads to ill health and lack of prosperity.

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