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TestimonialsWindows are meant to purify, bring in light and keep the rooms etc fresh. According to Vastu, there should be open area in the North and East directions. Windows and balconies in the South and West should be kept closed or must have thick curtains. Windows should have two shutters and serve best when they open inwards. Balconies should be kept open and have pots to store water. Balconies situated in the west can be converted into storerooms or washrooms. For the South and West door, heavy curtains can be used and the windows can also be kept closed during afternoons.

Balconies located in the South-East direction should not be used to store water. Balconies that are in the North and East should not be used to keep heavy equipment as it creates negative energy. Balconies that are in the East and North should be kept open for positive energy to flow.

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