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TestimonialsAs per Vastu it is believed that people who build houses on hillocks and higher grounds have more luxuries,strength and stability in life..Simultaneously one must avoid building basements in places of residence..

When constructing for both commercial and residential purposes,basements should be in the North,East and North-East direction and be for storage and parking..The height of the basement should be less or equal to the ground floor and mustn't be blue in color..In fact only light colors should be used in the basement..

There are several negative aspects concerning basements:

* Lack of fresh air.. * People that spend too much time in the basement become lazy,dull and lethargic.. * Sound magnifies in a basement..A noise which sounds a whisper at ground level sounds loud underground.. * Basements get little light because they have skylights near the ceiling which are rarely opened as they are difficult to reach..

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