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Testimonials* North is ruled by the God of Wealth, Kubera. To increase and retain wealth, valuables and important documents like jewelry,cash,bank cheques,property papers etc should be kept in a central North room while the cupboard itself should be in the South-West corner.

* Small bells tied to a red thread should be hung outside and I-Ching coins with a red thread on the inside of the main door of the home or office for good luck.

* Fresh flowers such as sunflowers, roses and lilies should be kept in the office and living room for good luck along with pictures of sunrise, mountains and ocean.

* A leafy-green plant must be placed in the South-East corner of the house and a table fountain in the office or living room for more wealth.

* Always keep the home and office well lighted, and use white, yellow, blue and gold colors to attract wealth.

* Metal energy is associated with wealth..Boosting it in your office and home by keeping products made of stainless steel,aluminum brass and sterling silver is of great help..

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