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TestimonialsPlants and humans have always had a close connection. What we exhale is absorbed by plants and vice-versa. However not all plants emit positive energy and some are even harmful to us. Hence it is important to plant the correct type of trees and plants so that they are beneficial to us.

* One must grow basil plants in the North and East. * Big trees must be planted in the South or West. * Small trees must be planted in the East or North. * Shadow of tress must not fall on a house. * Flowering plants must be in the South-West wing of the house. * The number of trees must always be even in number. * Banyan trees should not be planted in the house while one must avoid planting trees in the centre of the house or in the North-East direction. * Milk giving plants, cactus and fruit trees also should not be grown in the house. * One must also avoid planting trees in front of their house.

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