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TestimonialsPrefer a plot which is in the cardinal directions i.e. north, east, south or west and has fertile soil with a sweet smell. Construction should be parallel to the boundaries of the plot and big construction, mountains and trees etc can be in south or west of the building. Square or rectangular plots are best and even better if they are in the north- east corner. Sites with roads in the east and north and growth towards the north-east are auspicious. North is good for residence and west for commercial purposes.

A small plot in between two bigger ones or one with a holy place in front or at the back or one with big trees, electric poles directly opposite is inauspicious. Plot in marshy area, near cemeteries or one that is round or triangular should all be avoided. Plots facing a T or Y junction are considered inauspicious and so are ones not located in the cardinal directions.

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