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TestimonialsSound, be it from musical instruments or that of mankind can be used to eradicate negativity, heal and purify.

Sound And The Elements: To arouse different elements various instruments are used. For e.g. Earth Element: Drums and rattles. Air Element: Wind instruments like Aeolian harp. Water Element: Singing bowls and bells. Fire Element: Sound of brass instruments.

To bring positivity in one’s life one must: Recite the sacred chants as they dispel negativity. Sound of running water. Sound of humming birds and soft music. Hang wind chimes made of metal, wood and ceramic. Low volume sounds also have therapeutic effect as it restores harmony and paves the way for a happy family life.

The following things attract negative energies: Loud doorbells, blaring speakers, shrill noises like creaking of doors etc. These sounds in turn lead to stress, migraine, blood pressure and tension. Hence these kinds of sounds are best avoided for one’s own benefit.

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