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TestimonialsThe drawing room should be located in the north-east, north, or east direction. The furniture can be square, round or rectangular and must be kept a few inches away from the wall. The room itself should be lit brightly and light colors like white; beige, green, yellow, and blue are healthy. The doors should be in the east or north while the furniture should be in the south or west. Seating should be in the west or south. The room should be well ventilated, decorated having heavy chandeliers in the south or west and electrical equipment in the south-east.

Dark shades, beams and girders running along the ceilings of the drawing rooms should be avoided. Artificial flowers, cacti, bonsai, pictures of war, wild animals or horror etc should have no place in a drawing room. L shaped sofas, furniture under exposed beams, heavy centre tables etc should all be avoided for positive energy to free flow in the room and the house.

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