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TestimonialsIdeally the  garden should be square or rectangular in shape and located  in the North or Western direction inside the borders of the compound. Flowering plants should be in the South-West direction and fruit trees in the East. Bamboo plants can be kept for good luck along with basil and jasmine. Mango, lemon and sandalwood are best suited for a garden. The South-East direction is ideal for growing herbs and citrus plants. Benches and waterfall should be in the East or North direction. Keep the garden litter free and remove dead leaves etc.

Avoid keeping thorny plants inside or outside the garden and trees in the centre or front of the house. Tall trees shouldn’t be planted in the East and trees that have thick or giant leaves are also best left alone. Decorative plants shouldn’t be more than three feet tall. Water points should not be in the centre of the garden.

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