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TestimonialsColors are directly proportional to a personís mood and color choice reflects a personís persona. They also play a huge role in the happiness and overall life of a person. Colors have the ability to spark life or even make it dull.

The colors are linked with the three Gunas: Sattva:? Soft colors like blue, green and white. Rajas:†?Lively colors like orange, red and pink. Tamas:†?Dark colors like green, dark blue and brown.

To better understand color patterns and their relation with your house a few points are worth considering: Living Room:Pastel, white and off-white shades. Bed Room:†Beige, pink, aqua and blue. Small Rooms:†White, blue, grey and lilac. Spacious Rooms: Pink, orange, gold and cream. For Brightness:†Yellow, gold, silver and peach.

Directions, planets and colors: North: Planet-Moon, Color white. East:†† Planet-Mercury, Color green. South: Planet-Mars, Color pink. West: Planet-Saturn, Colors blue and black.

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