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TestimonialsVastu Tips for BathroomShowers, taps and mirrors should be placed in the North direction while the sink should be in the North, East or North-East direction. The drainage should be kept in the North-East direction. The door should be in the East and the ventilators should face East or North. Keep unrefined sea salt in the toilet and always keep its door closed. Fragrances like lavender and orange are best for the bathroom. Colors like white, grey, crème and brown best suit a bathroom. Keep the bathroom at least 2 feet above the ground level. Electrical appliances like the geyser,switchboard should be placed in the South-East corner..

A toilet must never be in the North-East corner or in the centre of the building. Granite and marble shouldn’t be used for bathroom flooring. Black and red are best avoided.  Leaking taps, choked toilet pipes and nasty smells must never be a bathroom feature. Dustbin should be regularly emptied.

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