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9, 18 and 27 born people are ruled by the fiery Mars and come within the purview of the number 9.

Positive Attributes:

They are idealists and compassionate who like to help others and are rational. Industrious by nature they are knowledgeable and intelligent.

Negative Attributes:

Can be overly proud, impatient and morosely emotional. Tend to have aggression which is inbuilt which leads to outburst that can be vicious.

Finance and Career:

Since they have the ability to sort things out well, they make good managers, teachers and actors. They sacrifice the self if the need be for social and are relentless in their pursuits. Do not care for recognition and hence portray a positive image of the self.


Prior thinking before embarking to say or do something will be beneficial for you. It is important that you take this seriously as your tendency to help others without thought can put you through avoidable trouble.


Number 9's are the eternal romantics who aspire for love and care. Although exploding with emotions they might find it difficult to share. A materialistic partner may cause friction else the relationship will be sweet.


Do not trust anyone and everyone blindly. Instead rely more on your own intuitive skills which will not betray you.


Can be obese with skin ailments. Generally are of short build. May feel insecure about things and hence be prone to fussiness. May also suffer from sleep disorders!


Take care of your health by having timely meals and sleep. Your health will then be better.


Like your ruling planet, red is very lucky for you. 1, 2 and 3 are your lucky dates. 1, 3 and 9 will be good for marriage while 1, 3 and 6 will be positive for business. Tuesday is your day of luck while coral is your lucky gemstone. Copper is the metal that has an influential impact on your life. Being surrounded by water will be lucky for you. Meditating will be highly beneficial for you. To know which mantra to chant while meditating consult your numerologist and reap the benefits for life.

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