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Saturn has always been an influential planet across cultures since time immemorial. The number 8's are ruled by Saturn which makes them quite distinct from other numbers.

Positive Attributes:

Great ambition and zeal for hard work gives them extreme self belief. They lead by example, have flair for work and are stunningly dynamic.

Negative Attributes:

Their positive traits are so strong that people can read them negatively and may consider the person conceited, dominating and arrogant. Having a semblance of equanimity is not a bad idea as you can thus avoid confrontation.

Finance and Career:

They are path breakers and excel in innovation apart from making good government servants. They even do well in the fields of justice, armed forces, finance and management.


Motivated and driven they want to succeed at all costs as they have the innate desire to leave behind a great legacy. Taking others along in your ideas and your success can be lasting.


Expect as much as is realistically possible. Even if your partners are caring, demanding too much may take a toll on your partners.


Do not dominate your partners and trust them more. Being arrogant in a relationship is not a great idea and is best left alone.


mpatience leads to heart, blood pressure and eye sight problems. Remaining alone may lead to suicidal tendencies or long depression periods.

Suggestion: Participate and socialize more. Do not be overly concerned with yourself and you will reap the benefits in due time.


A large number of colours suit you. This includes, blue, yellow, green and cream. Saturday is you lucky day. Blue sapphire is your lucky gemstones and iron is a favourable metal. 1, 3, 5 and six are your lucky dates. While 5 and 6 are ideal for a happy marriage, 1, 3 and 5 will work well for you in business. To know which mantra or chant can propel your life up North, consult your numerologist today as it could be your lucky charm that you have long waited for.

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