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Traditional civilizations like the Chinese and Indian since time immemorial have known the mystiques of healed salt, while the healers and fortune tellers have used it for varied purposes.

* Healed salt is recommended to enhance meditative abilities and for positive flow of energy. Feet soaked in lukewarm water with a pinch of healed salt relaxes a person and allows him to take the pleasure of psychic dreams.

* It is of immense value in warding off and protection from psychic attacks. For this a simple technique of rubbing the healed salt onto the palm or feet is used.

* Prior to burying the runes, healed salt must be placed in the earth to ensure a successful completion of the enterprise.

* A prominent method to keep the energy of the tarot deck intact, small bags of the healed salt and rose petals should be placed in the tarot box. This protects its ability of foresight and insight. The cards then are able to predict accurately with the divine cover of healed sea salt protecting them.

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