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The power of the healed salt is so enormous that it has the ability to make married life and relationships blissful.

* The healed salt is most effective when kept in a round crystal bowl of glass on high grounds or empty spaces within the house, e.g. cupboards. Doing so brings about harmony within a relationship and deflects any negativity that exists.

* Again healed salt kept in a muslin cloth along with rose quartz kept in the bedroom behind wall clocks below mattresses or sofas is another excellent method of driving away negativity.

* If a couple wants the romance to reignite, a bowl of clear quartz crystal, salt and rose petals in the room will do wonders.

* Two spoons of rose or cinnamon water with a pinch of healed salt can be put in the bathing water before indulging in love making and the results traditionally are believed to be outstanding.

* Marigold flowers and healed salt bags filled with cotton once placed separately in the cushion lead to marital harmony and eradicate gossip.

* For a happy married life, mopping the floors with healed salt and placing it in bags in the four corners of the house gives phenomenal results.

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