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Did you believe that the salt just has health benefits? Well that's what even the connoisseurs have believed in so far but there is more to this traditional healer than just that. Coming from the oceans and seas, the salt has long attracted wealth and success of all kinds. If used wisely and with an expert's advice by a few simple techniques, even you can attract the silver of the world and be prosperous. So what are these mysterious and cloaked methods?

* A handful of the healed salt in a glass container kept in the office alongside leaves of the money plant from your own garden.

* Office washroom which is one of the most negative places should have a half healed salt filled(glass/wooden) container, with the salt being changed every three days.

* A teaspoon or 5-10 grams of healed salt can be kept in a plastic bag which can be further kept in one's wallet in a secret compartment.

* To balance the energies a flat standing object can be placed in the office with healed salt next to an aquarium or water fountain. Try these excellent remedies and see your wealth grow!

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