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If you find an expert healer who possesses great knowledge about the salt, well you can consider yourself to have hit the jackpot, for not many exist that know about its intricate benefits. However, a word of caution right at the onset, use the salt as per instructions of the healer only, you do not want it to have a counter effect instead.

* Healed salt must be kept in a container like a glass, bowl etc and not in flat objects such as plates. Salt spilling onto the floor is a bad omen.

* The cap of the container must be kept open for healing to occur. Closed jar will end its energy in less than 12 hours.

´┐ŻNever keep the salt in a closed environment like cupboard, drawer etc that have no fresh air.

* Salt must be replaced every 10 days and used salt must be drained and not thrown in the open. The container must be moisture free and if the salt turns pale it means its healing properties have depleted.

* Always remember the healed salt is given by the healer and ordinary salt has no power. So consult your healer today and benefit from the magical qualities of the healed salt.

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