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TestimonialsOnline Tarot Card ReadingA period comes in one’s life where we are in desperate need of guidance from a trusted professional, but we are geographically far away from people and the only way to communicate is via phone or internet. Almost everyone will experience a doubtful state of mind prior to an online tarot session, especially regarding its accuracy.The client will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the online tarot readings. This is because tarot reading doesn’t necessarily require the physical presence of the person. An efficient Tarot reader can easily sense the energy of the client during an online reading and can guide the client towards a comprehensive resolution regarding their problems.

Tanya is very well acclaimed for her efficient and accurate online readings. In fact she does more online readings for her clients than in-person. The accuracy of online reading is identical to in-person reading. She is considered to be the pioneer of online readings in India. The online tarot readings have many advantages for clients:

* Saves traveling time..

* Saves waiting time as in-person readings requires the standard procedure of fixing an appointment..(minimum waiting period for an appointment with Tanya is 3-4 weeks)...

* Online reading can be done either early in the morning or late in the evening, which is not possible for an in-person reading...

* For long periods of time, Tanya received several requests for urgent readings involving serious and difficult situations in life. She has designed her schedules in such a way that hours are devoted only to online readings.

Apart from online readings, Tanya also excels in online coaching of Tarot and other readings. In India, though many are unable to comprehend the radical idea of learning mystical and occult readings through online sources, this idea gained immense popularity in western countries as a wonderful source of learning and gaining mastery in mystical sciences. As in all educational fields, the results of online coaching depend on the enthusiasm and commitment of the students. Hundreds of them from various states across India and from distant places like Dubai, New York etc are regularly coached by Tanya..Through her unique abilities she understands the individual needs of each student, as each one of them is different in learning and understanding.

For further information log on to or directly connect with the “Empress of Tarot” Tanya on the following numbers:

+91-9871534997 +91-9818965639


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