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TestimonialsOver the years I have often been asked questions like, how can you read our fortune over the phone? Is it not true that I am supposed to pull out the tarot card? Is it not true that our aura and energy ought to be felt by touching the palm or by sitting close to the psychic?

Well let me say at the onset, all these are genuine concerns and hence I believe that I owe it to my clients to give an answer in writing.

All these myths and rumours have circulated for so long that unfortunately several people have fallen prey to it. Please remember that it is your psychic that has the fortuning ability and hence it is her energy and power that is required, which she derives from her subconscious. Cards and Runes etc are a medium that assist the psychic reader from 15-20%. The rest is her celestial powers that she has acquired by immense practice over decades and for some even lifetimes!

Again I do not ask my client to shuffle the cards or pull them out even when clients are present in person. So whether it is pulling the runes out from the runes bag or healing, it is my energy that I use to connect with that of the client, and the clients presence is not at all of the essence.

Getting the readings done over the phone has multiple advantages:

* Reduces the waiting period. Readings done in person have a long waiting period and it is likely that clients want their reading done faster, hence over the phone is a great time saver. Minimum in person appointment time is 3 weeks. With people wanting an urgent reading done, how feasible is that? Since you can be in any city in the world and get your reading done without having to travel, you save on travelling, time and even money.

* I have come across clients who have thanked me and said, “Had the reading been in person I may have been circumspect and conscious of the personal question. However, over the phone I let go of my inhibitions and asked all relevant questions without a semblance of shyness”.

* In a rapidly moving world, reading for a client over the phone is convenient and fast hence of great advantage.

* Time is not of the essence when reading over the phone or online, as it can be done from early morning to late in the evening, a facility not available in person.

Having faith in your psychic is all you need and time and distance does not matter. When I read for you, you will feel the energy yourself. Again I assure you there is no difference in the accuracy whether the reading is over the phone or in person.

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