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Aromas have always had a soothing effect on people, but few are aware of the fact that they have traditionally been an excellent medium to relive the self of mental, physical and emotional issues. In Tanya's magic store there are varieties of aromas available, primarily in the form of incense, essential oils (100ML) bottles and candles (8/10). These are authentic products made by Tanya herself and hence are not available anywhere else. Tanya understands the issue of a person and then advises on the type of healing and product to use.

Some of the aromas available at Tanya's magic store include;

Amber: For healing and love.

Bergamot: Success and prosperity.

Camphor: Aids in transformation and also the guardian of rebirth.

Chamomile: Provides emotional stability and peace.

Eucalyptus: Healing and purifying.

Jasmine: Enhances imagination.

Lavender: Controls emotions and brings psychic balance.

Lemon Grass: Cleanses and purifies.

Melissa: Strengthens the cosmic connection.

Musk: Love and sensuality.

Myrtle: spiritual love and immortality of the soul.

Niaouli: To expand consciousness.

Nutmeg: Stimulates meditation and psychic development.

Palmrosa: For spiritual stimulation.

Peppermint: Clarity and courage.

Ravensara: For deep meditation.

Rose: Strengthens the connection with all aspects of the feminine force.

Storax: For tranquillity and calming the mind.

Tea Tree: Purification and light.

Vanilla: Love and sensuality.

Vetivert: Protects one from negative energies.

Ylang Ylang: For love and sensuality.

These aromas are unique, as they are not just fragrances but have strong energy that has the ability to heal a person of all mental anxieties, physical ailments like skin irritation etc and mental problems including but not limited to depression. Tanya chants mantras and makes these aromas very effective. In a world full of issues of all types Tanya's magic store is a blessing to all that want to be healed. Consult her for healing and take advantage of aromas that are intrinsic and emanating an aura that will fill your life with happiness and energy like you have never known before.

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