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More than a decade of healing people Tanya realized that the impact of products people use on them is tremendous. She also understood that people require instant healing from the first session itself and also from the very first time they use a certain product. She then invented a new therapy through soaps which are now available at her magic store. This was the advent and invention of new breed of soaps made of butter and sugar etc for healing. These are completely harmless but have the ability to transform people's lives. Irrespective of the type of problem from physical, mental or emotional these soaps display their magic from the first use itself. Not available in the market these soaps have been instrumental in changing the lives of all those that have used them and seen their positive impact. Tanya analyzes the person and situation and as per the requirement suggests the soaps etc which she then carefully makes.

A few natural but sophisticated soaps she makes are:

Lavender Marigold and Rose Mint Rose and Cinnamon Sandalwood Basil and Sandalwood Orange Orange and Marigold For their healing abilities these soaps are a boon to the ones that have used them. When was the last time one heard a soap change a person's life? Well they do have that ability if made by Tanya. So benefit today by consulting Tanya and see these soaps bring about a positive change in your life.

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