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Modern medicine has not been around even for a century and man has been on this planet for a hundred thousand years! Ever wondered what people did for millenniums to heal themselves of ailments? Well they relied on psychics and healers to rid them of conditions and problems. One method was through salts. Now this is a method that has evolved over a considerable period of time and has now been mastered by your psychic, Tanya.

Though it requires immense patience and practice but Tanya is the hallmark of excellence in healing through salts. She uses a range of salts in 12 different styles to heal a person. The salts again as most of Tanya's products are handpicked and hence are natural and completely harmless. Healing through salts is a universal enterprise which can assist a person to rid him of the gravest emotional and mental traumas. Tanya studies and analyzes the person and issue at hand and then suggests the salts to be used. These salts are extremely powerful due to their curing abilities and should be taken as per Tanya's instructions only. So take advantage of these salts by consulting Tanya today and live a better life.

Do's and Don't of the Healed Salt

Salt For Wealth

Salt for Harmony in Relationships

Salt for Readers and Healers

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