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Tanya travels extensively to ensure that only the best quality herbs and spices are sent to the clients in sealed plastic bags. These are naturally plucked and are of immense value in healing. Of course Tanya provides individual instructions making it easy to use them leading to better healing. Tanya ensures that minute details are taken into account while informing about the amount and method of their usage. Several of the spices and their combinations are not available in the open market and some are very rare and difficult to find. Tanya realizes their worth and brings them from little known places so that her clients get the best healing services.

Some quality Herbs and Spices in Tanya's store are:

Angelica: For protection and healing.

Ash: Purification and healing.

Basil: To ward off negative intent, provide protection and bring wealth.

Cinnamon: For protection, success and silver.

Clove: A great past life re-caller, cleanses the mind and stops clattering activity.

Ginger: Brings success and empowerment.

Hawthorn: Happiness, marriage, fertility and to protect children from evil.

Hibiscus: It attracts love and also assists in divination.

Jasmine: Brings good fortune in friendship and love. Also brings wealth.

Marigold: It has the unique ability to enhance vision and dreams.

Rice: Brings money and fertility.

Rosemary: Sharpens memory and clarifies the mind.

Sage: Is a tremendous healer that also brings along wisdom and fertility.

Sweet Pea: Provides courage and enhances friendship.

Thyme: An asset for courage and better friendship. Tanya advises all her clients individually about the quantity, apart from method of use for these herbs and spices. When taken as per her instructions, these herbs and spices have tremendous impact in healing people. At Tanya's magic store these products are available at very reasonable rates so that the vast multitude can benefit from them. So make use of these amazing herbs and spices by consulting Tanya today and see the positive impact in your life from the first day itself.

* Basil and Cardamom

* Black Cumin Seeds

* Honey nd Saffron

* Khus Khus

* Nirgundi

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