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TestimonialsWelcome to the magic store of the famous psychic Tanya, where she will take you on a celestial journey of healing with products and services handpicked from across the globe. The goods of the magic store are sure to change your life and give you tranquility of monks along with mental, physical and emotional peace.

These products have a powerful aura as Tanya creates them by reciting the holy mantras and chants, hence the products have healing as well as a holy value. After a careful analysis Tanya determines the nature of the healing and then formulates a strategy to ascertain which product suits the person. Every individual is unique hence the product is completely person centric and of use only to the one who is to use it.

You can order them online or via phone and receive them by courier from the comfort of your home. Unlike several healers who believe in mass production and sell them across stores and shops, Tanya understands that since every problem is different hence the product has to be unique and catering directly to the personís requirement. She has therefore desisted from selling them in the open.

These products work best when users believe in them religiously. In Tanyaís words the products provide the user with 60% strength while the remaining is the personís will power. The magic store consists of a vast variety of products including soaps, herbs, essential oils, and aromas, healing spices etc which are completely harmless as they have no chemical base and are made by Tanya personally. Again these are kept at lowest prices possible as Tanya believes that her products should reach the vast multitude and none should be bereft of the benefits of healing.

Tanya uses a range of herbs and spices to make these products from turmeric, clove to rose etc. After carefully understanding your problem she will offer a combination that suits you best. E.g. To change the mood of a person clove is used in tea, however how it is to be used for maximum benefit, i.e.: broken, crushed or whole is determined by Tanya.

Several of these herbs are not available easily but Tanya travels extensively and brings them from near and far just to ensure that her clients receive only the best quality. Tanya will suggest you items from a range of soaps, incense, oils, crystals and a few Feng Shui products to give you maximum advantage. So consult Tanya today and benefit from her magic store.
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