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Testimonialsautomatic writingThis method of insight is also known as psychography. It is an extremely powerful method which has been veiled from the ordinary world. Its reverberations have been felt by people who have come in close contact with this psychic tool of fortuning. Its history is quite obscure as no definite time can be pin pointed regarding its origin. Across cultures and time an undercurrent is noticed regarding this form being in prevalence and being practiced. Some trace its lineage back to the days of Shamans of yore but credible evidence exists from the 3rd century B.C onwards.

So what exactly is automatic writing? The ability to write in a trance like state from one’s subconscious or with the assistance of spirits is better known as psychography. At times people seem to be possessed and write without them being actually aware about their own surroundings. Some also consider it to be a medium to connect with the dead and spirits of people.

Some diviners practicing this art call the spirits to answer questions. The spirit itself should have some connection with the person who is seeking answers else even the automatic writer will not be able to assist. These days one can see advertisements where some claim that they can connect anyone with a spirit of a celebrity or well known person. I seriously doubt the authenticity of this enterprise and firmly believe that these are mere gimmicks to mint silver, for the basics of this art form are compromised when such bizarre claims are made. I stand by the fact that spirits can be contacted but only if they are known or are related in some form or the other to the seeker.

When such writing is done for another and not by the self then it is usually to find out details that the spirit may have known as a person. These could be to locate hidden wealth, documents or even to know answers etc but certainly not for entertainment as prophesized by a few.

This skill allows a person to recall past issues and focus the energy within constructively. It allows one to decipher what the spirits have to say and use it to our advantage. It gives us an additional medium which can provide us with foresight. Such a contact can assist in the resolution of long drawn conflicts. The disadvantages can be severe with automatic writing. A spirit may not leave the person and this could lead to a split personality. Unable to understand the real meaning of the writing may hamper with the routine life of a person. One may become so engrossed in this art that the contact with reality could be severed. The health and mental equilibrium of a person may also be compromised if this art is practiced by a novice or if it is done for show.

This is a complicated form and its real practitioners are few. When choosing such form for an insight, one should be careful, sure and aware of all that is possible and also things that can go out of control.

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