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Testimonialsdivine readingLegend has it that long before the advent of soothsayers and any other form of divination method, divine reading was in existence. Some say it was a gift from the Gods and was given to man for his larger benefit. Several cultures believe it to have been born along with our species. All along the sands of time mankind has always religiously believed that it is the word of the creator himself, perchance the reason why it is held in such high esteem and is considered so sacred.

A Tarot card reader uses fortuning card’s, an astrologist uses star constellations, date and time etc while a scyrer looks into his reflective objects. When compared to methods to gain insight, divine reading is quite distinct. Its tools are a revelation in themselves. What divine reading has is the revealed word. The holy books or scriptures have been part of civilization all along the ages. Mankind has relied on these to remain morally grounded. These books are also the chief mode of divine reading along with symbols, runes (ones part of holy books) etc already existing in nature that do not require any advanced study.

Any lay person can be a divine reader unlike sophisticated arts such Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot etc that require dedicated years of practice. However a person treading this mystical path needs to keep a few points in mind. Divine reading requires honesty, because if integrity is nonexistent in a person, the goals that are being pursued shall always remain on the horizon and out of grasp. The person should have a clear conscience, a cleansed heart, be positive and be one that thinks of the larger goodwill of people.

Generally people think of a question and with no other thought in mind open randomly a page from one of the holy books to receive an answer they seek. Some holy books have signs and symbols etc that people decipher as per their knowledge. Then some texts have alphabets written in the beginning which are chosen one at a time to form a readable line or paragraph till an answer is reached. Methods may vary slightly but the basic concept of divine reading remains constant.

An answer received from this form is holy in itself and the guidance is thought to be of the immortal universe and creator himself. It can be practiced by the self but answers to only important questions must be searched and not mundane ever day thoughts. Unlike several other ways there is no fixed time or criteria laid out for divine reading. It can be practiced as per ones convenience. The greatest advantage of divine reading is the direct answer that one receives and since the source itself is holy one can rest contended upon receiving the information but one must remember that the answer should remain personal and shouldn’t be shared as its value would reduce.

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