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Moon being feminine has always had the ability to swing our moods and is known to possess mystical and supernatural powers.

Color: Silver, white
Crystals: Pearl, quartz
Metal: Silver
Incense: Jasmine
Number: 9
Tarot Card: High Priestess.

The moon has four phases:
New Moon: A new start and love.
Full Moon: Best time to discharge egg from the ovary as it is the most fertile period.
Old Moon: A phase to successfully resolve a problem or crisis.
Dark or no Moon: A time to be laid back and for recharging one’s energies.

Moon has the Triple Goddess as its deity. The Maiden symbolizing the full moon is the protector of beings of the forest and infants. The Mother also associated with the full moon is the universal teacher that heals and is also the Goddess of love. The Crone most powerful with the dark moon phase has the ability to view the future, is magic oriented and possesses ancient wisdom.

When two full moons occur in a given month it is called the blue moon, denoting the quantifying of the moon’s powers and also to plan for future events.

Several legends are in vogue regarding the moon:
» If a silver coin is touched looking at the moon it brings better luck.
» Children born on full moon are lucky.
» A full moon marriage is lucky so is moving house in this phase while marrying in dark moon phase is best avoided.

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