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TestimonialsPrivacy Policy:

All information provided to our site remains strictly confidential and is not shared with any third party under any circumstances. No records, including but limited to emails, phone numbers etc are stored by us. All data is erased from our database once the healing or reading session expires. You can rest assured that we do not communicate with anyone other than you on all matters. None are permitted to record any of our sessions by any means including electronic mediums without your prior permission.

Refund Policy:

Please read and review in detail our refund policy, terms of service as well as our privacy policy. These clearly mention at length the terms and conditions under which money can be refunded. If you find them agreeable you are welcome to take up our services.

* We do not provide any of our services on credit and all amounts are taken in advance. * A onetime payment is for a single session only and a returning customer is required to pay for every session individually. * After fixing the date and time for a session, if the appointment is cancelled, it is entirely at the discretion of the website whether the amount will be refunded or not. * If extra money is deposited by you in our account due to some mistake etc, then the additional amount will be refunded. * Due to some unforeseen circumstances if we are unable to conduct the reading or healing session within 3 days of the scheduled date, the entire amount will be refunded. * Once the healing or reading session is completed, there will be no refund under any circumstances.

Terms Of Service:

* We give suggestions, advice and also provide guidance to our clients on the basis of our arts, but under no circumstances do we take decisions on their behalf. The clients have to take their decisions themselves. If an advice has been given and it is against your innermost feelings then such an advice should not be followed blindly and without thought. * We do not make value judgements on behalf of our clients. All judgements are to be taken by the clients themselves. * We reveal what the Tarot Cards and other healing forms etc say about a person. However we do not give a guarantee on our advice. We cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for any of the suggestions or advice given by us. * We are not qualified to give medical, legal or any technical advice. We can only assist one in his endeavour to live a better life on the basis of our arts.

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