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TestimonialsA combination of the ability to predict, insight into situations and people along with fortuning can be termed as divination. In existence since the time mankind began to evolve as a species due to the fickle nature of humans and also their inquisitiveness.

Several divination methods have been prevalent in various cultures across continents. To pin point an exact time when divination became part and parcel of everyday affairs will be a fallacy. Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, African Tribes, Chinese and Far East civilizations, Indian as well as the ancient Greeks have all had their divination techniques that have stood the test of time. It is now an inherent part of world culture and even intrinsic to a few religious sects.

Every area has its own divination methods. With over 200 countries and a hundred thousand years old species to know all divination methods may not be realistic as there are over 350 known ways. Some prominent ones are; Dowsing, Scrying, coffee and tea leaf reading, palmistry, horoscope, numerology, astrology, runes and Tarot etc.

Any person of any age group can practice divination of some kind or the other but a few facts must always be kept in mind. Divination is an intricate art and hence requires consistent practice. Research on the method of divination being practiced is extremely important. That would require the person to read on that form, speak to past masters and learn from them, understand human psychology and dynamics so as to get a complete understanding in that field.

Several things are a given in the practice of divination. While divining one cannot have a fixed concept rather one should be open to any idea. Without the consent of the person who is the subject of divination, it shouldn’t be practiced as the results can be counterproductive. It shouldn’t be practiced for any other purpose other than its core competence. Only when the person is mentally sound and energy levels are at their optimum should divination be practiced and not otherwise. One must keep in mind the spiritual essence of it and not treat it as wizardry. When reading for a person, he should be informed that no matter what result is derived, he always has a choice. Lastly the diviner must always keep the welfare of others in mind when practicing this art to reap maximum benefits.

While preparing for a reading a tranquil environment is necessary. Noise, bright lights etc can be a hindrance which is best left alone. The presence of another person apart from the diviner and his subject should be avoided as the matters discussed are private and privy to them only. The subject should always be put at ease by keeping eye contact and a serene smile as that sets the tone and mood. Floral aromas especially lavender and jasmine may be used for effective divination due to their soothing qualities. Concentrating on the topics to be discussed also leads to great benefits.

Divination is primarily used to predict the future. It has the ability to open up the mind of a person to greater possibilities. It increases the intuitive abilities of a person and makes him more aware to take informed decisions and resolve issues and problems.

As mentioned in the beginning about the famous divination forms, I have explained in detail about them on my website itself. One can browse through them for any information on them including their origins, procedure as well as their fortuning abilities. I will also be happy to assist in several of these forms and all who need assistance should feel free to contact me without any inhibitions regarding the same.

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