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TestimonialsTea Leaves ReadingTea leaves reading is commonly known as Tasseography. The roots of tea leaves reading are found in the medieval ages. Once trade routes to China gained momentum, Dutch merchants introduced tea to Europe. English islands of Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland were the first to practice this divination technique.

Tea leaves reading in vogue is actually quite simple and does not require many physical or expensive tools. It does not have large laid out charts, books etc that are to be religiously followed. In fact this is one of the primary reasons that this method began to be followed in countries across continents. So what really is tea leaf reading?

It is one of the most innovative ways of predicting. Person that wants fortuning to be done through this method is required to drink a cup of tea. If some tea remains, the cup is shaken and then it is required to drain off the remaining liquid. The diviner then looks at the patterns or images that are left in the cup through which he deciphers the meaning of the symbols and images.

Some symbols and images that are in the cup have standard significance. So for example, a mountain would mean hindrance, house would mean success, snake depicts an enemy, baby signifies small worries, ball symbolizes changing fortune, bell stands for good news especially if it is near the mouth of the cup, candle means that others would help, coin means that money is around the corner, dog would mean a loyal friend and if the symbol is at the bottom then it means that he needs help while dagger signifies danger and cup is for reward.

In tea leaf reading it is necessary for the seer to sit as close to the subject as possible as the seer has the ability to feel the flow of energy within the seeker. The seer takes the cup with the right hand. The handle of the cup contains information about business, near inner side of the cup is for the seeker’s fortune, the outer side of the cup is for mundane affairs and thoughts while the bottom of the cup stands for the distant future.

Normally tea leaf reading prediction is for one month, however some advanced seers do venture to predict for the entire life. Size of images formed is of significant importance. If they are vague and unclear or vanish quickly, then it means the issue is not relevant anymore.

Tea leaf reading is largely used for enhancing one’s intuition. It helps a person to concentrate within and come in closer contact to the self. It increases the awareness levels in a person. The accuracy of tea leaf reading is now slowly being felt across the globe as it gains prominence. Tea leaf reading seer knows that all living beings, irrespective of species are interconnected. He taps into that vast energy reservoir along with assistance from tea leaf symbols and his imagination to predict for the seeker.

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