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TestimonialsTarotVicissitudes of life have forever drawn and compelled mankind to find ways to understand events and their reasons in their lives. In this quest for knowledge, realization and to aspire for knowing their future, people have always gone to great lengths. One such method still prominent and profound is divinisation through reading of cards, better known as Tarot reading.

It was initially considered a card game by the multitude in medieval Europe. Its origins are disputed as it was in vogue in Europe, Egypt and the Middle East simultaneously. The initial cards were hand painted and were mostly the prerogative of the rich until the advent of the modern printing press, which changed its character substantially.

Tarot consists of 78 cards in its deck. These are used by esoteric and occultists to divine their meaning to people who seek a change in fortune or insight into the future. Each card depicts a certain aspect and is pictorial in nature. Regional practices mean that some decks have 96, some 74 and others have just the 22 trump cards. However the concept of deciphering remains constant.

The cards are classified into two Major Arcanas.

1) The Major Arcana or greater secrets. Better known as the 22 trump cards without suits and contain the famous Magician, Empress, Lovers, Fool, Temperance, love etc.

2) The Minor Arcana contains 56 cards into four suits of 14 each. 10 cards that are numbered and 4 court cards. Including the Tarot suits of Wands, Coins, Cups as well as the Sword. Within Tarot card reading there are two Major distinctions;

1) Where a question is answered in the affirmative or a plain no. For this the question should be direct and clear. It should also be simple and uncluttered. E.g. rather than ask how one can get a particular partner in one’s life, it should be how one can get the best possible companion. A person should keep the limelight on the self, remain conscious and clear apart from being unbiased and positive. It would be prudent that a person shed ambiguity, be open to newer viewpoints rather than become prejudiced.

2) A person in this can ask broader questions than be pointed as in the first case. Usually done when a new phase in life is around the corner, including but not limited to starting a family, completing education or beginning a defining project. In this questions can be asked at length about health of self and family, career prospects and even love.

Tarot assists people to come closer to their consciousness or inner being. It instils in people that we can apply the choice of free will and become masters of our fate. It strengthens the belief to go with the intuition and the feelings one has. Tarot strives to take towards the truth and the correct direction by increasing the confidence. It inspires people and helps them achieve their destiny in their lives, of course with the assistance of a master Tarot reader.

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