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Established historical greats such as Pythagoras and St.Augustine of Hippo along with cultures as diverse as Hebrew, the Hindu Vedas, Chinese and the Greeks believed in the mettle of numerology. They believed that since this was a mathematical concept and practical it was more convincing in its results and finality.

Today it is considered outside the purview of scientific explanation and experience along with its cousin astrology. Numerology is the ability to understand an occurring event and its relationship with a number. It is believed that everything within the creation oscillates at a certain rate or frequency. If one can decipher this rate, then by applying numerology it can easily be ascertained about the person's character and personality.

The calculation method for numerology although being an art and a science, is quite simple and easily understandable. All the numbers are reduced to single digits of 1 to 9. So 18 would mean addition of the number and 1+8 would give us 9 or 16 would add up becoming 7. However there are two exceptions. The numbers 11 and 22 are reflective of people's traits and characteristics and hence remain the same. The letters in the name of people are also added up and each letter has a definite number. So A would mean 1, B being 2, C stands for 3 and the cycle comes back to 1 after reaching nine.

In numerology fifty percent of the information comes from the name and the remaining half is derived from the date of birth. Although there is no fixed criteria for the meaning of the numbers but there are a few universal standards in prevalence.

1 Is ascertained as individual, leader and masculine.

2 Signifies feminine, receptive and unison.

3 Is commonly used for creation.

4 Denotes to convey or reach out.

5 Is for action or movement.

6 home and Family.

7 Being and spirit.

8 Power or strength.

9 Maximum level of change.

Numerology is an excellent tool to understand one's life, the ability to intuit so that opportunities can be grasped. It is also a platform that allows knowing our loved ones better. It gives revealing insights into who we are and how we have come to become that, and also the methodology with which we can reach where we intend to be. Hence by keeping this macro picture in mind we can make the most of our abilities and sincerely pursue our dreams through the talents which lie dormant within us. Today relationships do not last long and there are more divorces in a single year than in the entire last millennium put together. Numerology offers succinct answers, and acts as a marvellous medium through which we can know our partner better and gain revealing insights that go a long way into a harmonious relationship. Clubbed together with tarot reading all questions can be answered to perfection and there is no person who has used these that doesn't swear by the mesmerising impact in their lives.

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