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A chart prepared keeping in mind a person's date and time of birth along with then planetary alignments and position of the sun, moon and star constellations is called the horoscope. Today there are 84 official constellations that are accepted.

It is a divination method that has been in practice for thousands of years and its initial existence has been traced to the Greeks. It was considered the Encyclopedia of the Ancient and medieval world because it provided people with answers not only about the past, present, future but also aspects from all walks of life. In a horoscope chart there are four main elements;

1) Position of the planets.

2) The houses.

3) The Zodiac signs and

4) The aspects.

Within the horoscope there are several spheres that are kept in mind. The heavenly or celestial sphere corresponds with the planets and constellations and in its centre resides the native sphere that epitomizes time, place and birth. Equator sphere is reflected in space. The horizon sphere is made keeping in mind the native sphere.

Without the all important angles the horoscopes cannot be termed as complete. East angle pertains to the first house, South is for Tenth House, West angle for Seventh house and North denotes the fourth house in the order of power.

The Earth is taken as a 360* sphere and is divided into twelve zodiacs of 30*(Degree each). These in common parley are also better known as the sun signs. There is a slight distinction between a personalized horoscope and a sun sign or Zodiac horoscope. The former is for individual purposes but the latter is for all people falling within that sun sign.

Although a lot of people are prone to buying books, literature and spend hours reading their sun sign horoscope in newspapers, magazines and even on the internet. However, I believe this to be more of entertainment value than real fortuning.

Let's take a common example. There are 7 Billion people on planet Earth and there are 12 and if Ophiuchus is considered then 13 sun signs. Is it realistically possible then for over 500 million people in every sun sign to have the same luck and set of events! Rather than be baffled I find it rather hilarious for people to believe so strongly in their zodiac chart. A rich and poor person will have a similar day in office? Well if Zodiac is to be believed then yes they will. I like to of course respectfully disagree with this line of thought and believe this to be no more than a form of entertainment, let alone be a method of divination.

Personalized horoscope prepared with date, time, star constellations along with planetary alignments is truer if this form of fortuning has to be ventured into. Horoscope for the millions to be the same is not possible and shouldn't be taken seriously. Personalized divination techniques would be better for a seeker as they can provide a useful insight into life, fortune, life and future of a person.

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