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TestimonialsHi Bright Hearts,

This is Tanya, Your favorite Tarot & Oracle Reader.

I welcome you all to the world of blogging…

I always wanted to blog, but the spirit never allowed me to do that till now saying that the time is not ripe yet. “Today is the day” – This is the message I received in the wee hours of today morning and I felt that I was dreaming…Nahh…Divine Spirit has its own way of letting you know the right timing to start something new in your life. I couldn’t shrug of this message as a dream recall because the message was consistently ringing in my ears saying that THIS IS THE TIME. But I wondered that what is it time for and I asked the Divine to help me understand the message..

After the lunch I received a jolt of buzzing in my ears with a message that I have to start the blogging today and the content will be flown to me through Divine Inspiration. So whatever I write here are the inspirations from the Divine Source.

Divine says that the messages can be short or more, yet the inspiration you receive by reading them will never be less than miraculous.

I urge you all, whoever visits this website & blog, to read these messages with open mind and take them to your heart, and if you feel that it’s applicable to your life in anyway, then please apply them without any delay…and the results will follow.. As always, I am available for any suggestions and experiences of the readers…Just mail me dear ones, that how wonderful you felt with these messages and any changes that happened in your life after applying them. Your messages will be posted in the blog and they can act as a source of inspiration to many viewers ahead…

The total credit of blogging goes to the Divinity within, and I am just following the instructions.

Love and Blessings...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

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